***RED ALERT: A raging fire has broken

***RED ALERT: A raging fire has broken out and it’s up to you – and you alone – to battle the flames, and keep people and property safe. Are you up to the challenge? If so, then FireFight is for you!***

FireFight is a gripping firefighting simulation game in which you become a heroic fightfighter, and must battle flames to keep them from spreading.

You’ll be called upon to battle flames in a variety of scenarios, including: city blocks, skyscrapers, bush fires, airplanes, ships and oil rigs.

Within seconds, you’ll be immersed in the gripping gameplay, as the awesome graphics and sound transport you to another time and place. It’s challenging, fun and utterly addictive.

Since each level’s score adds up, you can upload your total combined score to the Game Center, and enjoy some friendly competition against friends and others around the world.

Achieve a high score that you want to brag about? Come across a cool scene that you’d like to share with your social network? No problem! You can easily and instantly post scores and screenshots to Facebook.

Our apps have been downloaded over 6 million times already, which means that we know what gamers love and what excites them. We’ve poured all of our expertise into FireFight for you to experience and enjoy!